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ACUPUNCTURE—Ancient Medicine, Modern Results

Acupuncture can address a wide range of health conditions as well as treat injuries and help with pain relieve. Examples include:

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ACUPUNCTURE —Not Only Needles

DID YOU KNOW? The field of Acupuncture includes several types of treatments that use NO NEEDLES?

CUPPING—You may have seen CUPPING performed on Olympians and other world-class athletes, but anyone can take advantage of this therapy. Suction cups enhance circulation and can speed up muscle recovery by moving stagnant blood and decompressing tissues. Cups do leave marks, although they disappear in a few days.

TUI NA—Tui Na is a bodywork practise that has elements of massage therapy. The practitioner releases muscles, tendons and ligaments and facilitates the movement of joints with dynamic pressures. It differs from acupressure in the focus on body tissues as opposed to specific acupoints.

ACUPRESSURE— Combines massage-like pressure with acupoints around the body. It is a friendly alternative for those who cannot tolerate needles or want to try an adjacent type of therapy. It’s even safe for pregnant women.

COSMETIC ACUPUNCTURE—Did you know acupuncture is a safe, natural alternative to botöx? It minimizes signs of aging, or pimples, by targeting thin acupuncture needles on the body then face. This treatment stimulates recovery, promotes circulation, and encourages collagen and elastin. No toxins, headaches, nausea!

WEIGHT LOSS ACUPUNCTURE—Surprisingly to some, acupuncture has a place within a balanced weight loss program. Acupuncture improves bodily balance which can drive knock-on effects including hunger suppression, emotional balance against emotional/stress eating, and better skin tone as a side effect. Please discuss with your practitioner if you are curious!

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CHIROPRACTIC—More than adjustments

Chiropractic care revolves around hands-on treatment for your spine, muscles, joints, and nervous system. A common misconception is that chiro is only adjustments or cracking. However, our chiropractors address a wide variety of sports injuries, head-related issues, and even prescribing orthotics!

Let our Doctors show you the wide range of conditions that they treat using manual therapy techniques. Some example issues are:

In fact, chiropractors and physiotherapists can treat many of the same problems. See which approach works better for you!

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PHYSICAL THERAPY—It’s about Balance

Regardless of your previous experiences with physiotherapists, choose our PTs knowing that we tailor the program to you, to bring the most benefit over the longest period of time.

Our physiotherapists know that not everyone is training to be a professional athlete, nor do patients all want to lay with a heat pack and machines the entire time – so we stress our assessment and planning around a mixture of manual therapies and exercises that will keep you engaged and get the most improvement over the long run.

We know that sustained progress beats short spurts of maximum effort that don’t last. After all, healthy movement will prevent injury over an entire lifetime, as long as we work together to create healthy, continuous habits.

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Group stretching

We offer small group fitness and stretching sessions at affordable rates. Get your friends together and try how good it feels to stretch with the guidance of a kinesiologist!

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Corporate Clients

Supercharge your employee satisfaction, retention, and recruitment! We can help you design your Health & Wellness program with our corporate offerings. Visit our Business Offerings page and email us to learn more.

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